Remittance Advice (835) Comprehensive Remittance Processing Solution

EOB Processing

  • Process all HIPAA compliant 835 remittances from any payer
  • Search and print EOBs
  • Create reports to post payments and adjustments to your AR system

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Identify denials customized by payer for potential reprocessing of claims
  • Find improper payments, compare actual payment data to contractual
  • Find common sources of write-offs
  • Determine the profitability of your services

Data Analytics

  • Automated import of your 835s and export to advanced analytics systems
  • Custom report writer allows you to easily create immediate ad hoc reports
  • Every charge, payment and adjustment at the claim and item level is retained and available for the analysis of your business. The application of this data is only limited by your imagination

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