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835Direct provides tools for importing the ANSI 835 electronic remittance required by HIPAA for detailing the payments and adjustments associated with a check sent by a health plan to a provider. The content of these files provides valuable information about the nature of these transactions and includes information needed to manage these claims and complete their processing. In addition, the accumulated data from this process can guide the healthcare provider in analyzing this business relationship with payers and provide detailed reports about the financial performance of the healthcare organization and the services they provide.

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"The website is very user friendly and the staff finds it much easier to pull up a remit online rather than search through filing cabinets for a paper copy. I’ve personally found the software to be a huge time saver when trying to determine what CAS code a payer attached to a claim, 835Direct clearly displays each CAS code rather than me hunting through the raw 835. The support from 835Direct has also been terrific. I haven’t come across any issue that hasn’t been timely and effectively resolved."

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