Automatic Remittance Uploads Automatic 835 Uploads


ERA Monitor creates a connection between your local computer network and your remote 835Direct database. It can upload your remittances from your computer into 835Direct without any user interaction. You can initiate the process manually as needed or configure ERA Monitor to run automatically on a schedule. ERA Monitor can be integrated with your current posting process to provide a permanent archive of all remittance data in an environment capable of any task from printing a specific EOB to providing complex business analytics solutions. All without any changes to your existing process.


  • Automatically upload your 835s from any accessible network folder
  • Unsuccessful uploads documented for diagnosis and reprocessing
  • Original files uploaded are stored for future access and preservation
  • Duplicate processing is prevented to assure data integrity
  • Easy to use interface guides you through the process


  • Upload your electronic remittances anytime, without user interaction
  • All transactions are logged to make sure that your 835Direct database provides a complete and accurate picture of your payer transaction activity, including all payments, charges and adjustments
  • The ERA Monitor can be configured based on your existing process for collecting 835s for posting to your AR system and does not require new procedures specific to this task
  • Never lose an EOB again. All data for all remittances ever processed is available as needed through a secure web page available to any authorized user
ERAMonitor - Automated ERA Uploads