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The current NOE submission process through DDE is a tense data entry exercise where any slight mistake can result in unnecessary unbilled days and appeals. NOETracker eliminates the worry and the risk.

Medicare Eligibility

Advantages of using our interface

  • Data entry reduced by over 70%.
  • Avoid costly unbilled days for late NOEs.
  • Create NOEs without using DDE.
  • All data is validated against the CWF and CMS rules prior to NOE creation.
  • Web-based product provides a new, modern, user interface.
  • NOEs are automatically monitored daily for changes in status.
  • History of each NOE and audit trails are provided.
  • Supports multiple hospices for billing services.
  • Supported by our expert staff instead of MAC EDI.
  • 30 day free trial.

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Medicare Claim Submission

Conventional DDE

  • No training, very little support.
  • Manual entry in terminal software lacks input validation (until it’s too late), and makes the process of record-keeping difficult. Some billers are required to print each screen in DDE for their ad hoc archiving.
  • Navigating through more than 10 separate screens in DDE to submit a single NOE or to view real-time RTP messages.
  • Old terminal interface.
  • No accommodation for usability across devices.